Work by Grant Patterson

Contact for more information. I am available for commissioned work. See my GitHub page.

The Flight Attendant – 2017

An interactive harm reduction tool. Collaboration with Jennifer Fernández, Ph.D. It indicates the relative safety of various drug combinations from TripSit’s Guide to Drug Combinations.

Blume – 2017

Bluetooth-controlled LED bulbs to repurpose salvaged LED strips from an old art project. GitHub. Project Vision.

Brickolage – 2016

400 LEDs controlled by a browser-based multi-touch application. Works with any tablet over wifi. FadeCandy driver. Appears monthly at Loves Company in San Francisco, fourth Fridays at Underground SFGitHubTry it here!

Equanemone – 2015

Touch-responsive walk-through volumetric display. Solar powered. Appeared at Burning Man 2015 in an 8×8=64-tentacle configuration, 3200 LEDs total. Version 2.0 was installed at Sierra MeadowsGitHub!

Neurotiq – 2014

Hardware and software integrating an Emotiv Epoc EEG headset, RFduino wireless microcontroller, and RGB LEDs in a 3D-printed headpiece. Brain states are visualized in the LEDs.

BigPOV – 2013

25-foot saccadic photorealistic persistence-of-vision display with 330 RGB LEDs, Raspberry Pi, Instagram integration. Real-time face-detecting photo booth functionality. Appearances at Freespace, Burning Man 2013, Decompression 2013, Superhero Street Fair, other festivals. Successful Indiegogo campaign. GitHub!

Open Pixel Control – 2013

Open-source standard for control of RGB light systems over TCP. Contributed code in Processing to display live webcam input or video files on a pixel wall.

Photouch – 2013

Intuitive iPad app to control professional entertainment lighting wirelessly. Simplifies complex DMX control for the casual user to walk up and start playing.

iPad => Bonjour over Wifi => QLC+ => USB => DMX. GitHub!

BlinkyBra – 2012

Fully custom wearable with 32 RGB LEDs, Arduino, sound sensitivity including 6-channel spectrum meter, controller, rechargeable battery. GitHub!

MindOMeter – 2012


iOS app to display brainwave data from consumer EEG headset via Bluetooth. Learned iOS development in the process. Now on GitHub

BlinkyBelt – 2011

DJ Spacecat – 2008 to present

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