Net of Being

Nitrous oxide isn’t a great visionary drug on its own, but it can be extremely powerful when combined with psychedelics. One such experience occurred along with MDMA.

Here was a scene essentially identical to that of Alex Grey’s Net of Being, though lacking his detail of perception: an endless interconnected web of “heads,” whose tops and bottoms met in infinite “ceiling/floor.” An inner awareness indicated that this is where the souls sit. They always exist here, hence the momentary glimpse during otherwise corporeal life. There was also a sense that this is where we come between lifetimes. After death, our awareness returns to this place. Note the obvious unity, yet simultaneous multiplicity. There are entities here, distinct columns, communicating with each other. Here we make some decisions about the next lifetime, beforeĀ whoosh, we’re brought back into a new body.

Here, a description of reincarnation as I know it seems appropriate, coming up next.

Watch Alex’s telling of his vision, achieved with the help of ayahuasca, and his quest to record it on canvas:

~ by Grant on June 25, 2012.

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