Seth Speaks . . . On Hacking Samsara

Seth, painted by Jane Roberts’s husband.

Seth, the disembodied consciousness who spoke through Jane Roberts, has something to say about my idea of reincarnation being a system of “hackable” lifetimes:

You may think of your soul or entity—though only briefly and for the sake of this analogy—as some conscious and living, divinely inspired computer who programs its own existences and lifetimes. But this computer is so highly endowed with creativity that each of the various personalities it programs spring into consciousness and song, and in turn create realities that may have been undreamed of by the computer itself.

Each such personality, however, comes with a built-in idea of the reality in which it will operate, and its mental equipment is highly tailored to meet very specialized environments. It has full freedom, but it must operate within the context of existence to which it has been programmed. Within the personality, however, in the most secret recesses, is the condensed knowledge that resides in the computer as a whole. I must emphasize that I am not saying that the soul or entity is a computer, but only asking you to look at the matter in this light in order to make several points clear.

from Seth Speaks, full text here

Seth stresses that this is an analogy, which should be obvious: the mechanism by which lifetimes are initiated is surely infinitely more complex than any computer we’ve created on Earth. (Note also that Seth Speaks was published in 1972, the same year Pong shipped.) Yet he says that personalities, or lifetimes, are indeed programmed in a similar fashion. Like computer programs, there are initial conditions and constraints (“context”). There are intended events and goals.

More interesting, however, is how Seth describes our lifetime “programs” transcending these conditions. Here one might think of software that becomes intelligent and exceeds the expectations of the programmer, like Photoshop starting to paint on its own. Furthermore, the reference to “the condensed knowledge that resides on the computer” suggests that we can access the memories and wisdom gleaned from numerous lifetimes, if we can find the “secret recesses.” Past-life hypnotic regression may be a method of accessing this information.

~ by Grant on August 9, 2012.

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