Many Lives, Many Masters

Many Lives, Many Masters details the author’s past-life hypnotic regression therapy with a troubled patient Catherine. Beyond her past-life memories, which are vivid and compelling, Catherine shows an ability to communicate with “masters” of the realm between lives. She also details impossible-to-know facts about author Brian Weiss‘s life, and picks horserace winners with stunning accuracy. Weiss notes distinct voices coming from his otherwise-mild-mannered patient, differing in style, tone, syntax, etc. If one believes this account, and Catherine’s connection with the in-between, she’s basically laid out the meaning of life for all to read.

Our task is to learn. . . . By knowledge we approach God, and then we can rest. Then we come back to teach and help others. . . . The master spirits tell me. They tell me I have lived 86 times in physical state.

Reincarnation, many lives, “master spirits.” The act of enlightened beings returning to help others suggests bodhisattvas are legit.

There are many souls in this dimension. . . . There are many dimensions. I have been to different planes at different times. One one is a level of higher consciousness. . . . We all have abilities far beyond what we use. Some of us find this out sooner than others.

Planes of consciousness. Supernatural abilities: healing? What else?

We are given intuitive powers we should follow and not try to resist. Those who resist will meet with danger. We are not sent back from each plane with equal powers. Some of us possess powers greater than others, because they have been accrued from other times. Thus, people are not all created equal. But eventually we will reach a point where we will all be equal.

How does one sense these intuitive powers, or know if one is resisting? I think synchronicity helps us with that. Power accrued over lifetimes suggests notions of “old souls” are accurate, or at least souls that have somehow become more advanced. It might seem troublesome to say people are not created equal, but the stress is obviously on teaching:

We must also learn not to just go to those people whose vibrations are the same as ours. It is normal to feel drawn to somebody that is on the same level that you are. But this is wrong. You must also go to those people whose vibrations are wrong with yours. This is the importance in helping these people.

Direct reference to karma:

We have no right to halt people’s lives before they have lived out their karma. . . . they will suffer greater retribution if we let them live. When they die and go to the next dimension, they will suffer there. They will be left in a very restless state. They will have no peace. They will be sent back but their lives will be very hard, and they will have to make up to those people that they hurt . . .

Suggesting that even between lives, souls are punished for wrongdoing. Future lives will carry the “bad karma” that needs to be worked out.

Catherine’s specificity suggests that she isn’t just assembling forgotten lessons from a childhood world religions class. From Weiss’s descriptions, this talk is completely uncharacteristic of her. Is it legitimate?

More to come in another quote-happy post. Thanks to Bradley for the tip.

~ by Grant on July 18, 2012.

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Nice. The idea of other lives and other planes of existence reminds me of my experiences with lucid dreams. I often struggle with the idea of taking concrete “lessons” from dreams, the idea of somehow extracting information from the subconscious. It always seems to fail. The one recurring lesson I get from them is a renewed sense of awe. I have many times become aware in a dream and been struck by the awesome scope and detail and sometimes alienness of the scene, and thought to myself: no way I just made this up out of the random firings of my brain.