Soul Siblings Theory

There are people currently living with whom you share striking resemblance. This similarity may manifest physically, through personality, or by recognized synchronicity. They are your soul siblings.

Just as fractals exhibit self-similarity, so do people. And people on your “branch” are a lot more similar to you than people on other branches. This might start out looking like a body type, a set of physical mannerisms, or common interests. But then strange synchronicities appear. The things you have in common are just odd. You and your siblings seem to be attracted to the same “type” of people—people who exist on another branch with which yours has an affinity.

Reincarnation probably isn’t as simple as spiritual traditions report. (My detailed thoughts on that here.) Souls needn’t be such distinct and persistent entities. Maybe there’s a part of a person’s consciousness that comes from a common source, a source they share with others, but not all. Sure, at one level we’re all one—but is the only other level our individuality? Trees aren’t trunks covered in leaves; they have branches in between.

Soul siblings might be another way of discussing Jungian archetypes, enneagrams, or some other archetypical framework. Words like sorcerer, temptress, healer, prankster come to mind. In this sense they could be easily explained away as mere personality types. My experience, however, suggests that there is more going on here than simple psychological specialization. The connection soul siblings share is powerful, deep, and outside of time.

In my next post: detailed account of my experience with a lover and the people whose branch she shares.

~ by Grant on July 10, 2012.

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